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Make Your Mark Challenge: Win an annual membership with Radically Rich University (RRU) 

Imagine the doors that could open for you and your loved ones by gaining access to an exclusive circle of influential individuals, a true Royal Family in its own right. By joining our community, you'll position yourself at the forefront of opportunities that can shape your destiny and pave the way for a life of abundance and significance.


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This is your chance to break free from limitations and rewrite your family's narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the world.



This is not just an invitation to be a spectator, IT'S A CALL TO ACTION!

As a Founding Member, you'll have the power to shape the direction of our community, creating a legacy that will transcend time and positively impact generations to come. This is your chance to break free from limitations and rewrite your family's narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Don't wait for success to find you—seize it with both hands! Together, we can ignite a fire within ourselves, empower each other, and achieve greatness. It's time to tap into your true potential and embark on a journey that will change your life forever.


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Bonus, Bonus, Bonus!

*Bonus One: Watch the webinar for government contracts on Gain valuable insights into securing government contracts and earning 50 bonus points.

*Bonus Two: Book a free 15-minute consult with Erin Porche by visiting Get personalized guidance on your wealth-building journey and earn 60 bonus points.

*Bonus Three: Register for the LIVE Roundtable discussion by visiting Participate in an interactive session with experts and fellow participants to gain additional knowledge and earn 70 bonus points.


Note: Use the hashtag #MakeYourMarkChallenge in your social media posts to ensure your participation is counted.

At the end of the challenge, two winners will be selected—one male and one female. Each winner will receive an annual membership with Radically Rich University, valued at $1,500. Additionally, the top 10 participants will receive a special mention on LadyErinLove's social media platforms, recognizing their commitment to making their mark and building wealth.

Get ready to make your mark on the world of success and wealth!

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